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Avantpop Publishing presents:
The StonerDude Adult Coloring Book

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StonerDude Art

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It’s this ritual trifecta of cannabis, music, and counter-culture that becomes the muse that guides this Las Vegas artist, Michael’s AKA StonerDude’s fun, fantastical b-movie style of cartoonish artwork.

The art of Michael Maysonet, AKA StonerDude, pulls you in like a tractorbeam and keeps you hovering above each piece, mesmerized by the symmetry and line-work, all while giggling at each expression his creations possess, bringing to life a world that is familiar just as much as it is unusual.  


Born in the season of Samhain, at the end of the Sixties in the Boroughs of New York City, by the age of three Michael Maysonet had already begun his ritual of wielding the pen, or in the case of these humble beginnings, a crayon...

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